Duplication and misalignment is widespread in the electronic clinical quality information (CQI) content space. Implementers report a high level of effort with low value or return on investment at the implementation level due to the fragmentation of measure definitions and presences of unnecessary similar but different CQI value sets, data elements, and logical clause or library content. Measure developers, although in adamant agreement as to the need for harmonization, do not currently have a workflow or tooling that adequately supports identifying and responding to alignment opportunities. Furthermore, a governance body and/or process is needed to negotiate the retirement of duplicate content and shared maintenance of new, aligned content. This panel will address the problem by 1) explaining the context and impact of misalignments in the quality improvement content space, 2) demonstrating the steps required to identify non-harmonized content and a plan to harmonize it, and 3) outlining how a harmonized resource library can be utilized by authors to proactively identify the reusable resources for new measures.

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Attendees will understand the need to perform quality measurement in a way that connects clinical workflow, clinical decision support, and interoperability standards and learn how the next-generation standards framework operates using clinical terminologies and common data elements, the Clinical Quality Language (CQL), and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). Attendees will walk through the standards and tools and build components of a next-generation CDS/quality measure artifact using reusable value sets, data elements, CQL clauses, and FHIR resources. They will learn how to identify misalignments and duplication across these reusable elements and how to propose common, harmonized content that can be shared across users and domains.


Julia Skapik (Presenter)
Cognitive Medical Systems, Inc.

Robert McClure (Presenter)

Carol Macumber (Presenter)

Anne Smith (Presenter)
National Committee on Quality Assurance

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