Real-time monitoring of BPCI performance can be a challenge given that CMS provides reconciled claims data bi-annually. In an effort to enable rapid-cycle PDSAs for our COPD population, UChicago Medicine created an interactive visualization tool using internal data sources to track program performance at the aggregate and individual episode levels. With directionally correct data available on a regular basis, administrators can make better-informed decisions about intervention opportunities at a programmatic level.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will be able to evaluate how their own organization monitors program performance at the aggregate and individual episode levels using internal data sources and visualization tools. Although this example is specific to Bundled Payment Care Initiatives, this approach can be applied to any situation where rapid-cycle improvements are made over time despite lags in data.


Shwetha Devanagondi (Presenter)
UChicago Medicine

Stephanie Chia, UChicago Medicine
Aditi Kumar, UChicago Medicine
Valerie Press, UChicago Medicine Biological Sciences Division
Andrew Smithson, UChicago Medicine
Mary Kate Springman, UChicago Medicine

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