Personal Health Records (PHRs) offer an opportunity to save time, translating into dollar savings for providers and patients. Provider PHR usage is required by both providers and patients to make this interactive tool work most effectively. PHRs, if used correctly have been found to aid in provider workflow and enhance communication with patients. A network level intervention significantly increased provider PHR actual use for 26 academic medical center PCP locations over a 14 month period.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will be able to define strategies to increase Pediatric Primary Care Provider (PCP) Personal Health Record (PHR) practice and utilization. They will also be able to articulate the role of the PCP provider in the successful adoption of patient portals. Finally, attendees will better understand the effectiveness of network level interventions vs. individual/practice level interventions.


Kisha Hawthorne (Presenter)
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Patricia Lee, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Erin Sladek, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Lorraine Richards, Drexel University
Anthony Luberti, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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