All informatics leaders function in a complicated world. In order to be successful, they must effectively work with other C-suite executives, especially the CIO, other members of IT, and ancillary teams including nursing, pharmacy, and lab. As CxIOs' responsibilities have increased, so too has the size of their teams, which means that they must also possess effective HR management skills. While CxIOs have the qualities necessary to become successful leaders, many have not had the opportunity for formal training to develop these tactical leadership skills.

This workshop will focus on participants' development of practical skills needed to build and manage an informatics team, grow relationships with other stakeholders, navigate conflict with IT, and negotiate C-suite politics. It will include a combination of didactics, hands-on individual and small group learning exercises, and broad discussion so that the participants have the opportunity to learn from each other and discuss their unique leadership challenges.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: During the workshop, participants will learn how to:
1. Build a successful informatics team
2. Address any dysfunction that's inhibiting the team's success
3. Resolve conflict between IT and informatics
4. Create more productive partnerships with other stakeholders including CNIO, pharmacy, lab,
5. Identify potential pitfalls in navigating C-suite politics and how to avoid them
6. Develop more influence among clinical and business leaders at your organization


Julie Hollberg (Presenter)
Emory University

Nabile Safdar (Presenter)
Emory University

Paul Fu (Presenter)

Richard Schreiber (Presenter)

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