Medical Director Informatics
Cedars Sinai

Medical Director at Cedars-Sinai. Urban Family Doc. Informaticist.
A graduate of MIT, UCLA, USC and UMich, I enjoyed two years of a General Surgery residency before following my true passion in primary care. In 2000, fifteen years after graduating from medical school, my office went live on the electronic health record. Within a year, I found myself on the committees, a Subject Matter Expert, and shortly thereafter, a Champion. Careers shift, and despite, or because of my devotion to my patients, I moved into a more active role in informatics. Relentlessly cheerful and absurdly optimistic, I promote improved communication and transparency. I believe we can have an efficient system that embraces quality and makes it easier for the physicians to do the right thing. Writing has been a persistent habit expressed throughout my life in various ways... including a second degree from MIT in humanities, a community columnist role for a decade in Modesto, and a opportunity to write a patient blog for Sutter Health, and now for Cedars-Sinai Medical Group. I am the proud mother of three brilliant and successful daughters. Specialties: Board Certified in Clinical Informatics, Family Medicine, Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine. Certified in the EpicCare Ambulatory Application, MyChart Champion