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Director Content and Informatics
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Director, Content and Informatics
Health information exchange, interoperability, big data, analytics, quality reporting, population health and accountable care are all leading buzzwords across the healthcare landscape that hold great promise toward moving the industry closer to improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing patient satisfaction. In order to meet the increasing demands of quality care and regulatory reporting requirements, data normalization solutions need to be streamlined for efficiency and accuracy. My expertise in this area is helping our clients to move forward in developing a solid terminology management platform with recognized governance processes for data normalization in place. I am an experienced leader with over 25 years of medical industry experience, 13 of which have held a focus in medical informatics. I carry a master’s degree in health informatics and have a particular interest in data normalization as it advances interoperability and data analytics in healthcare. Currently, I lead a team of diverse team of content analysts and subject matter experts at Health Language that consult with clients across the health care spectrum in standardized terminologies, data governance, ICD-10 remediation, data normalization, and risk mitigation strategies. My team delivers high quality mappings and other health language proprietary content that enables interoperability, powerful search capability, and better analytics in the healthcare arena. Specialties: Building strong teams. Change Management. Implementation and training. Standardized terminologies for healthcare. Data Normalization. Content Standardization. Content Authoring.

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