Excess cognitive load is an unintended consequence of EHRs and is a significant contributor to physician burnout. Cognitive load can be mitigated by providing automatic data summaries on a single screen. These automatic data summaries are created with the Problem Oriented View, displayed on-the-fly using Problem Concept Maps. We will explain how the problem maps are built using a Modified Delphi technique on Google Drive to generate consensus among specialists at six academic medical centers.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: 1. Attendees will understand how the split-attention effect contributes to cognitve overload and physician burnout.
2. Attendees wil understand how a problem oriented view can organize relevant paitent data in one window and mitigate the impact of the split-attention effect.
3. Attendees wil learn how problem oriented views are generated on-the-fly using problem concept maps.
4. Attendees will leave with access to multiple problem concept maps which the University of Wisconsin has placed on a public-facing website.


Joel Buchanan (Presenter)
UW Health, University of Wisconsin

Presentation Materials: