With increasing requests for clinical decision support tools to improve care and reduce harm, many providers are experiencing growing alert burden and frustration with workflow interruption. We utilized Quality Improvement methodology to identify causes of poor quality or excessively frequent alerts and implemented changes that reduced our provider intrusive alert burden by 35% hospital-wide within 3 months.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: - The attendee should be able to describe basic Quality Improvement (QI) methodologies to evaluate and improve their own Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems.
- The attendee should be familiar with design principles including Nielsen’s heuristics and Osheroff’s Five Rights
- The attendee should recognize the importance of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of active CDS systems.


Juan Chaparro (Presenter)
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Cory Hussain, The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Jessica Hehmeyer, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Manjusri Nguyen, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Jeffrey Hoffman, Nationwide Children's Hospital

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