The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) has created an in-house enterprise data warehousing platform that will be the single source of truth for clinical, operational and research data. Additionally, UCM has designed the cross-organizational governance structures and operational processes to produce and apply data standards, data quality tools and availability of high-fidelity, high-complexity data to drive insight. This platform aims to reduce the pre-processing burden on data scientists and report developers to increase organizational value.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: The main outcomes of the pilot project are as follows:
To build a scalable infrastructure that can support data growth and hospital system expansion.
Develop a data model that is designed to integrate clinical and operational data.
Develop a framework that will support first of its kind data standardization through reference data management, metric management and data quality monitoring/anomaly detection.
Establish a cross-functional governance framework and processes that will enable the organization to leverage the technology and platform to realize enhanced data output productivity and cost savings.


Sarah Oraby (Presenter)
University of Chicago Medical Center

Raj Iyer, University of Chicago Medical Center

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