Health Information Technology (HIT), while providing significant benefits to patients, is also associated with safety risks. Remediation of the HIT risk often competes with other clinically important initiatives for attention and resources. This presentation describes an HIT Safety governance model coupled with a rapid, data-driven framework for assessing the degree of patient risk, enabling prioritization of elimination of significant patient safety risks.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Understanding of a framework for determining the level of risk associated with a Health Information Technology Safety issue
Understanding the importance of governance in prioritizing remediation of Health Information Technology Safety risks


Michael Oppenheim (Presenter)
Northwell Health

Gregg Husk, Northwell Health
Jamie Hirsch, Northwell Health
Kevin Bock, Northwell Health
Pearl Huang, Northwell Health
Deborah Mensch, Northwell Health
Jarrett Mark, Northwell Health

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