Ambulatory providers at our pediatric institution can denote select notes as confidential, disabling portal access to that note for both parents and adolescent patients. We retrospectively evaluated the use of this confidential flag for visit notes for patients <18 years of age over a one-year period. This feature was most commonly used for notes addressing both patient and parent mental health concerns, sexual health, and complex social and legal situations.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: 1. Recognize the complexity of confidentiality in relation to the patient portal, specifically the utility and necessity of a confidential note type which ensures the privacy of both patients and parents

2. Understand the variability in use of a confidential note type within one institution’s patient portal


Chase Parsons (Presenter)
Boston Children's Hospital

Jonathan Hron, Boston Children's Hospital
Fabienne Bourgeois, Boston Children's Hospital

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