COPD is a prevalent disease that represents an important public health challenge. In spite of various treatments, high readmissions continue to be a problem under HRRP. An independent validation of the effectiveness of these treatments on early readmission is needed. Cerner health facts database was utilized to compare 30-day readmissions among COPD patients prescribed common treatment options. Using demographics and hospital-associated variables, we were able to demonstrate differences in readmission rates among matched cohort populations.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Healthcare information has been transformed from a largely paper based documentation system to a digitized system. As recently as 2010 only 10% of healthcare information was in digital form but today over 90% has been digitized using electronic medical record systems. Participants can expect to (1) be informed of new insights that can be gained by mining these large databases, (2) discover how clinically relevant tools can assist in better patient care management, (3) understand that large EHR data can be effective for performing phase IV drug trials.


Andrea Blair (Presenter)
Oklahoma State University Center for Helath Sciences

Shrie Raam Sathyanarayanan, Oklahoma State University
Bruce Benjamin, Oklahoma State University Center for Helath Sciences

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