Our oncology department recognized that metastatic cancer patients were not discussing end-of-life care sufficiently while hospitalized. We designed an intervention to send in-basket messages to primary oncologists when their metastatic cancer patients were admitted to the hospital to promote goals of care conversations (GOCs) while hospitalized. Preliminary analysis of the results indicated that GOC conversations were conducted at a higher rate in the inpatient setting after implementing the messaging system.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: The attendee will be able to (1) recognize the importance of addressing goals of care with cancer patients early in disease progression; (2) better understand the need for closed-loop inpatient to outpatient care team communication for the purposes of facilitating advanced care planning and (3) articulate the value of appropriate care team roles within the EHR, understanding there may be missing or inappropriate roles.


Sean Hernandez (Presenter)
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Ajay Dharod, Wake Forest Baptist Health
Heidi Klepin, Wake Forest Baptist Health
Adam Moses, Wake Forest Baptist Health
Eric Kirkendall, Wake Forest Baptist Health

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