The rapid development and implementation of communication and information technologies across industries, government, and education is changing the way we all do business, live our lives, stay connected, and innovate. Healthcare is no different. There is also significant internal and external pressure for healthcare to improve and learn in order to make care more efficient, effective, and satisfying all within the context of a technology rich environment. In order to accomplish these tasks and create that learning health system with the tools and processes available, health care students and current providers must be educated to utilize the tools to form data, information, and knowledge to fuel the learning cycle within the system. However, there is a noted gap in the competency of those charged with educating healthcare students and exisiting providers. This presentation and demonstration will introduce tools and processes developed to address the gap.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees will:
1. Examine the expectations of an eHealth IT ready workforce
2. Understand the significant gap in informatics competency in faculty/educators of the healthcare workforce
3. Recognize the negatve implications for sharable/comparable data and a learning health system
4. Assess the tools and processes of the Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Education Workgroup for addressing the gap through collaboration.


Marisa Wilson (Presenter)
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

E Manos, Kansas University School of Nursing

Presentation Materials: