The objective of this work is to highlight some of the challenges that are germane to real-time processing of healthcare system-generated data and the accurate interpretation of the results. Distinct challenges related to the use and processing of real-time data for safety event detection were compiled and reported by informatics and clinical experts. Eight major types of challenge categories are reported, with 13 specific challenges and 8 specific examples.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Attendees at this session will be able to recognize and mitigate the many challenges that come with using real-time data for safety event detection and clinical decision support (CDS). These challenges can be latent, making them hard to detect. Once detected, they can be very difficult to address. After viewing the presentation attendees will be knowledgeable and better equipped to implement accurate and high-performing CDS based upon real-time data feeds. This submission primarily addresses the 2019 AMIA CIC topic areas of Applied Clinical Informatics and Clinical Decision Support.


Eric Kirkendall (Presenter)
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Yizhao Ni, University of Cincinnati
Todd Lingren, University of Cincinnati
Matthew Leonard, University of Cincinnati
Eric Hall, University of Cincinnati
Kristin Melton, University of Cincinnati

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