In this study, we used topological data analysis (TDA) for investigating impact of a care bundle for colorectal
surgeries to surgical procedural times and length of stay of patients. We extracted data from a clinical database in a local healthcare system and analyze it using a commercial tool to generate topological network visualizations. We identified four groups with high and low length of stay and surgical times, and conducted a comparative analysis of them to rest in the population. The study demonstrated that TDA is a useful tool for clustering complicate clinical data sets with multiple attributes through visual exploration and statistical analysis.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Participants will understand principles of topological data analysis and network visualization through a case study of data analysis. Participants will have an opportunity to see functions of a commercial topological data analysis tool and practical use of it.


Jaehoon Lee (Presenter)
Intermountain Healthcare

Jennifer Wall, Intermountain Healthcare
Wendy Gort, Intermountain Healthcare
Nathan Hulse, Intermountain Healthcare

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