Ambulatory medication reconciilation can benefit from use of external medication information. However, out-of-date, invalid, duplicate or non-medication data can waste clinician time. We present an EHR-integrated system which classifies and automatically discards external medications by their age, provenance and other factors, helping to focus the clinician on unique, accurate and relevant medication information. Without increasing clinician burden, we increased our medication reconciliation rate by 80% and our percentage of visits with complete external medication reconciliation from 45% to 65%. Pilot data for an actionable alert suggest further improvement is possible.

Describe the new knowledge and additional skills the participant will gain after attending your presentation.: Learn about sources of external medication information available in an electronic health record.
Learn how EHR-based rules can filter low-quality external medication information from clinician consideration, increasing the effective rate of external medication reconciliation with no additional clinician effort.


Nicholas Riley (Presenter)
The MetroHealth System, Case Western Reserve University

Peter Greco, The MetroHealth System, Case Western Reserve University
David Kaelber, The MetroHealth System, Case Western Reserve University

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